About me


Hi. I'm Sophia and I am a Fine Art newborn baby and family photographer. I'm a proud mum of 3 amazing babies including twins. So I know a bit about working with small children! I live with my family in the countryside in beautiful Leitrim and I proudly serve Leitrim and the surrounding counties. 

I have always loved creating artwork and studied fine art in college and went on to have a career in fine jewellery,  before coming back to my love of art, specifically photography. I went back to college and studied photography in the National College of Art and Design. 

When I had my own babies it became clear my passion lay in capturing beautiful images of family, love and connection! 

I offer a range of baby and family sessions including lifestyle photography, first birthday and cake smash sessions, maternity photography, and fresh 48 session. I also do communion, christening and wedding photography on request. 

(Above Photo Credit Niamh Smith) 


why should you choose me? 



You want a photographer who  who you can trust to handle your baby gently and safely

I can remember when my babies arrived- it was so busy and there was so much to take in. I know new parents are busy , and with this in mind I aim to make everything as easy as possible and relaxing for you. I have a wealth of experience with babies-I have 3 gorgeous children, a 4 year old and 2 year old twins, so I totally understand how family life is!  A bit of chaos doesn't phase me at all! I'e also learned some special techniques to help relax and settle babies.

My clients have said they would pay me pay me to come back to get their babies to sleep for them!! And many parents find my sessions so relaxing they too find themselves drifting off to sleep themselves!

I know your baby is precious and their safety is always the first priority in every session. I trained in Newborn safety and posing which is essential when working with babies. I continuously monitor your baby during the session and am guided by them as to what poses are comfortable for them. 


You are looking for a professionally trained photographer

I have spent many years and invested a lot of time and money into my training as a photographer. Newborn photography is very specialised and requires a lot of training to be able to handle babies safely while also creating beautiful artwork. 

I believe the journey is so important and that continuously developing my skills allows me to create really unique images. 

In addition to my professional qualifications, I'm also a proud member of the Newborn Photographers Association of Ireland, and Newborns By Lidi photographers workshop and the Kelly Brown Newborn Posing group, so I am always up to date with current information about newborn photography.

I'm very proud of the service and products I have to offer, including a range of fine art prints, albums and frames that will stand the test of time and become treasured heirlooms


You have looked at my style of work and you like what I do

You love classic, timeless images that always look beautiful and never dated. Every photographer has their own style and you should choose your photographer based on what kind of images they are creating. My style is very natural, I use a lot of natural light and if using props I keep them very simple. I use some simple textures and soft colours when photographing your baby for a natural look. I believe your baby should be the focus so you can see their beautiful little features- as your baby grows you will always treasure these images and they will be a constant reminder of that moment when your precious little one entered the world.  I think too many props are distracting- a prop should only ever enhance an image and not be distracting. If you love props like flowers and little chairs and mini teacups I'm probably not the photographer for you. But if you love timeless, natural heartfelt fine art images then you are in the right place! 


You are looking for a photographer who is truly passionate about they do.

I love photography and I could spend hours looking at beautiful artistic images. They inspire me to strive for the best when it comes to my own work. I have spent years developing my own individual style to bring you candid, fine art images that look timeless and will be treasured heirlooms for years to come.


You want a photographer who will listen to what is important to you and create the kind of images you will love and treasure forever

I always tailor all my sessions to your needs, so every one is unique. I have a consultation with you prior to your session and see how I can create images that are true to you. I work on an intuitive basis to tailor each session to your styling and colouring preferences. 





(Above picture credit Linda Clarke) 

experience and training



I'm a lifelong learner! I believe in constantly and developing so I can bring you the very best. 

I hold a diploma in fine art, a Degree in Production design from Dun Laoghaire Coleege of Art and Design, 

and a Certificate in Photography and Digital image from the National College of art and Design.

I have trained in Newborn safety and posing with Lidi Lima Conlon, she is one of the leading newborn photography educators in Ireland and she is still one of my mentors. 

I have also worked with branding expert Eaodain Curtin of  Firechild Photography, and mindset and business coach Suzy Ashworth. 

And lastly I am currently studying Quantum Healing, a practise which focuses on working with your energy centres.  I believe intuition plays and important part during the process of making images- being tuned into emotions  and energy is all part of it, and helps me capture unique moments.


If this all sounds good to you then I'd love to hear from you

Sophia x