Sessions with older babies-what to expect

Published on 3 June 2020 at 21:58

Above, Baby Ethan, 11 weeks


Babies are always adorable to photograph, so if you think you have missed out on on the window of opportunity, remember you can have a session at any stage! 


If your baby is past the 2 weeks stage, it can mean that the session may be a little bit longer as I will always spend whatever time is needed to make sure I get a beautiful gallery for you. And if your baby is over 6 weeks, we will be able to get some nice eye contact and smiles which are gorgeous images to have!


For older babies, lifestyle sessions are really lovely. They are very relaxed and we go with the flow of what your baby is happy and comfortable with. In general an older baby session will be mostly lifestyle based. I focus on getting all those beautiful detail shots, hands, feet, hair, eyes, nose, lips, and also on the connection between you and your baby, hand holding, cuddling and with your family. 


Every baby is different- I approach my sessions with this in mind always, and I will be very much led by how baby is feeling and what they are responding to. As a mum of three and a specialist in newborn photography, I am well used used to handling babies! I work on an intuitive basis, if baby is happy and relaxed, then that is perfect. If they don't like a certain pose then I will change to do something else. 



Families love my natural approach- if you are looking for images that capture the essence of your family, a lifestyle shoot is perfect. Get in touch for more information, I'd love to hear from you!


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