Take beautiful images of your baby at home

Published on 3 June 2020 at 21:58

5 Simple and beautiful pictures you can take of your baby right now


Sometimes it isn't possible to get to a photographer or to have one come to you. When you have a new baby you will want to remember it all, cute little feet and hands, button noses and all the beautiful details of your  little bundle. Today I'm going to share some really easy but stunning pictures you can take of your baby at home. The easiest pictures to start of with are the little details. These are all the little things you will want to remember about your baby when they were tiny! The little hands and feet, eyelashes, lips, button noses, hair, ears. These are really simple to take, its all about how you light them and getting your baby settled first. So, you want to start off with your baby well settled, and ideally asleep probably after a feed. A bed with a good window and light on one side is a good place to carefully position your baby. A simple background like a white/cream bedspread or a chunky knit blanket behind works best.

Safety first, make sure your baby is well supported, centred and have a partner work with you to be a 'spotter' so if baby moves they can reach out to them and pop a reassuring hand on them.


So have fun with these, and get creative have a play around with filters and props like teddies etc! And I'd love to see how you got one so do share your results over in my facebook page! Add the tag #5babypicschallenge





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2. Eyelashes and profile

So this one is what we call a backlit shot, so your light source needs to be on the other side of your baby's face, so you will be on the shadow side taking to picture, and the light or window will be in front of you Go in close and try to focus on the eyelashes. Simple and beautiful!


3. Feet


If you have a soft knit scarf or blanket, simply wrap this around babys feet and gently position them and take a few shots until you get one that looks good. If baby is awake this will be hard but if they are asleep they shouldn't move around too much!

4. Hair and ears

This is a lovely easy one too, again its a close up and you get details of both baby's hair and ears. The light source should be on the side of the ear you are going to photogrpaph, in this case it was the right and baby's left side.

5. Family pictures


Don't forget its important to get a picture of yourself and your partner with your baby. So work together and take turns with this one! Find a good window to stand in front of and make sure you remove anything distracting in the background. Bedrooms usually work best for this one. Baby in a simple outfit/wrap/vest is perfect. Snuggle baby in close and take a few pictures, kissing him on the head, or just cuddling and see what works best.


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