How to take great photos of your little ones

Published on 3 June 2020 at 21:59


Growing up, I always loved being able to look at photo albums of when we were kids growing up. Life has got so busy and we all have our images stored on clouds and on our phones. Its so important to print your images- a printed image becomes a treasured heirloom for generations to come. We don't need to wait until everything is perfect to take good pictures. SOme of the best pictures are of the glorious chaos and mess that comes with family life! So with this in mind I wanted to share a few tips with you on how to take great pictures of your little ones.

You can simply do this with your phone or if you want to dust off your camera and get a bit of practise in then its the perfect opportunity! 

And if you can print them, amazing! 

1. LIGHTING: Natural light is your best friend when you take pictures. Get your little one positioned next to a window or glass door. Its nicest when the light comes from one side and there is a little shadow on the other side of the face, so have them with one shoulder/side towards the light source. Or if you are taking pictures of your baby, details are always beautiful, little hands, feet, lips, lashes, button noses... You can get creative too and use a filter to change them to black and white if you like!

An Ipad or toy with lights can throw up some really nice lighting onto their faces while the background is darker. Or, take the photo as it happens without them knowing. Personally I think the best pictures happen when you can catch a moment, when someone doesn't even know you are there. 

Or if outdoors, try and get the light on their side, not directly in their eyes.


2: Camera: An ordinary camera phone will do the trick, however it you have a camera and you would like to learn more about using it, there are lots of great tutorials on youtube. I can also help if you shoot me a message!


3. Background: Try and pick a background that is undistracting. A neutral coloured wall is best. So look for a neutral wall with a good light source on one side. If you need to move a bit of furniture round and you have time this can help too. Or a simple white bed can do the trick too, and kids love jumping on beds so it can be really fun and creative!


4. Cooperation: If your babies are still very little,you may be able to position them easy enough, or bribery works wonders for the toddlers (if you sit still you can have a biscuit/trip to the playground etc).


5: Looking at the camera: A rattle or some kind of toy is good to get your smallies to look in the right direction, especially if you have more than one baby it can be hard to get them all looking the same way. So wave the toy above your head and tell them to look at it or get another adult to make some silly faces or noises right behind you!


6. Get down on their level: especially for babies and toddlers, photos usually work best when you are on their level. Its another good way to get really natural shots of them being themselves.




7. Timing: Timing is everything, so when you decided to take pictures, make sure its not too close to naptime, you aren't interrupting a favourite programme and everyone is in agreeable form. Candid natural pictures are usually the easiest ones to capture and these are usually favourites! There's something magical about capturing children when they are in their own flow and doing what comes naturally. So enjoy the process and I hope this helps you get some lovely pictures. Please feel free to share them with me over on my facebook page!


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