What to expect from a newborn photography session at home

Published on 3 June 2020 at 21:57

Can you get professional studio images at home? Yes, absolutely! Becoming parents is always a busy time and having your baby's photographs taken at home is a really stress free and convenient way for you to have this precious stage of life documented. You can relaxe and have a cup of tea while I create beautiful images of your little one right in your living room. 

I often get asked where I am based, I work from Leitrim and serve the surrounding counties, and I travel to your home with everything that is needed for a session, beautiful hand knitted hats and wraps, headbands, fluffy blankets and props, you name it I have it in my mobile studio! I'll ask your preferences for colours and styling in advance and have a plan in mind for when I arrive. You don't need to buy anything for the session, however if you really wish for an outfit to be included I can do this for you too. I use backdrops in nearly all images, so no need to worry about seeing your house being in them!


Firstly the best time for sleepy newborn baby photos is before 2 weeks of age. Time goes very fast and before you know it your baby will become very alert. After two weeks of age it can be hard to settle a baby and they can move around a LOT which can make getting good photographs more challenging. Having said this every baby is different and even the youngest can be awake for a whole session, or a few weeks old baby might sleep like a champion! If you want to get the sleepy curly poses, it is best to make sure you are booked in in advance of the session so you have a space when baby arrives. After this, the best type of session will be a lifestyle session, which is more suited to babies of all ages. 

A baby session will last around 3 hours or even a little longer, which may sound like a long time but it flies by as we stop for changes, cuddles and feeds, and anything needed to keep baby comfortable and happy. Your baby's safety and comfort is the most important thing during the session, so all poses will be very safe and baby will be closely watched all the time.

time together. It is best to keep baby away before the session then feed and change baby just before we begin. This should mean they are ready for a nice long sleep and makes getting great images easy. Have baby in something really easy to remove, even just wrapped in a warm blanket and have the house nice and warm.

With family images, these usually happen at the end of the session, as it gives other siblings a chance to get used to me and what is happening and it doesn't matter too much if baby is awake at this tage, but we go with the flow as to what best suits your family rhythm. For your  family images, it is best to wear clothes that are simple in colour and patterns, blacks, beiges, light pinks, whites and neutral colours work best. I mostly do these as black and white images as this works best.

Feeding. If you are breastfeeding it is worth considering having some expressed milk in a bottle to try and settle baby as they are used to the comfort of being on mum a lot. A soother should also be considered as this really helps to get babies to sleep.


Once baby is sleeping I will gently guide them into different poses and hats and wraps etc to create different looks in your images. I love the way all babies are different, and I always look to capture their little characters in the pictures- the frowns, the yawns, and the looks! I love to capture the connection between baby and parents too, and I have some beautiful ways do this.


If you thinking of booking a newborn session, get in touch! I'd love to hear from you x 


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