What is the best age for baby photographs

Published on 30 September 2020 at 12:19

The window for taking newborn photos is very brief. This session needs to be done between 10-14 days. For that reason, it is recommended that you book well in advance, as soon as possible to make sure I can reserve your place. 


I will go through all of the stages here-there are lots of beautiful stages at which you can capture your little one as they grow in the first year. Read through and you can see which one might suit you and your family best. 


Fresh 48 sessions

Fresh 48 photography is done in the first couple of days (48 hours) after baby is born. This session is purely lifestyle based and there is no wrapping or styling involved. It captures the your very first times with your baby, the feeds, the changes the cuddles.


Newborn. 10-14 days


The newborn stage is fleeting. Your baby will still be very sleepy, curled up and easy to pose. Shooting baby at this stage allows me to capture all those beautiful details while baby sleeps peacefully- the lips, lashes, tiny fingers and toes, hair, and all the other lovely little moments like yawns, and stretches. I take a natural approach, using some simple styling and beautiful handknit wraps and hats for a professional touch in your images. This way, you get the best of both worlds. 


If you are expecting a new arrival and you would love newborn images, I recommend booking as soon as possible. I have a limited amount of newborn sessions per week and its best to ensure your space is reserved so you don't miss out on having this lovely time captured. 


After newborn 3-5 weeks


During weeks 3-5 babies sleep a lot less and become very active. The are unable to focus properly and little legs want to kick and little arms want to wave about. There can be cluster feeding and babies have become very attached to mum and don't want to leave her side. For this reason I recommend if you have missed out on the newborn stage and would like to book a session to wait until 6-8  weeks to have your session. If you would still like to have baby photographed during weeks 3-5 an unwrapped lifestyle session is the best option to capture these moments in baby's life. 


 6-8 weeks 


 Some parents like to wait a little longer to have their baby photographed to capture their developing personality. This is a lovely stage for a baby session, baby will be more alert and you get lovely smiles and interaction, which can make for some really great character portraits. 

My sessions are always baby led and I will do everything to get a beautiful varied gallery for you, its worth noting though that this is a different session to the newborn session and is more lifestyle based, with lots of images of you and your family with baby. I have lovely knitted outfits for your baby like cute handknit little dungarees and rompers. If baby sleeps we might be able to get some newborn style images, but its not always guaranteed. 



8 weeks onwards


Lifestyle family sessions are perfect for babies at this stage. The session will focus on the interaction between you and your baby and family  as you enjoy spending quality time together, at home or weather permitting at a location of choice. 

We will get lots of lovely images of you holding your baby and focus on the lovely connection between you, while capturing  your baby's lovely smiles and expressions. After this, tummy time and sitter sessions make for great images and capture those special milestones in baby's life. 



First birthday session are great fun and a really enjoyable way to mark baby's first year. Your little one will get to enjoy eating some yummy cake and making a good old mess- what could be better! 

I take a natural approach to these sessions, outdoors when the weather allows or indoors,  with some very simple props to mark the occasion, and we focus on your baby playing and enjoying themselves. Studio photography can be overwhelming for little ones, and I find this way of capturing this time works really well for babies as they are in their own environment. 


For information on any of these sessions please leave your details and inquiry below. 


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