Newborn photography-what to consider when booking a photographer

Published on 1 October 2020 at 06:48

When it comes to booking a photographer to capture your precious new arrivals earliest days, there are a number of things you should consider. 

When time has passed and your little one is getting more grown up by the day, these are the images you will have to remind you of how tiny and adorable they were when they were first born. I'm going to go through some important points to consider when booking the right photographer for you. 



Firstly do you like their style? Will their style of photography capture your family as you want to be remembered? Will the images look beautiful for years to come? 

Each photographer has their own style that they will have developed. This usually develops with experience and training and from ideas they get  inspiration rom other artists. 

There is lifestyle photography which captures moments naturally but usually with a little direction. These images are usually taken at home or on locations. 

Then there is documentary photography. This is completely candid with no direction at all, and the photogrpaher will spend time following your family capturing moments as they happen. 

Next there is the traditional wrapped and posed style newborn images. These are usually long sessions, where baby will be asleep and wrapped, or placed in different outfits, on a beanbag or in bowls or beds with props such as flowers and little teddies, or even have a whole mini scene created for them.  If you are looking for these kind of images, I am probably not the right photographer for you


My style is very natural, I have a blend of lifestyle with some very simple images of baby gently wrapped on the beanbag or in arms. I do not use props anymore, with the exception of some delicate handknit wraps or rompers and and hats.

I describe my style as gently styled lifestyle- I capture natural images with a professional finish. I aim to give and experience that is memorable and relaxing for all the family and which captures the incredible bond between you all. 




It is worth noting what experience your photographer has, whether academic or practical. A photographer doesn't need any certification to be a good photographer, but it can help with their artistic vision. I know plenty of good photogrpahers who are self taught. Practical experience is the most important thing a photographer can have and the more they shoot, the more their style should develop and the better their images should become. 

I have both practical experience and have been studying art since the year 2000. hold a Diploma in Fine art, A Certificate in Photography and Digital imaging and I have trained with the top newborn photographer educators in Ireland, Lidi Lima-Conlon. I have also photographed many babies and you can see my work here on this site and over on my facebook and instagram pages. 


Is your photographer trained to work with babies? Your photographer should have some kind of formal training in working with babies. Babies are delicate and need to be handled with the utmost of care, and they should only be placed in the safest and most comfortable poses for them. A formal course in Newborn Safety should be undertaken when studying to be a newborn photogrpaher. 

I recieved my training while on the Newborn Safety and Posing course. I also have my own three amazing babies so I am well used to handling little ones! 


Studio or In home


There are 2 options when it comes to deciding on your session, studio or in home. 


Studio photography is of course different to having a session at home. If you go to the studio you will have to consider travel. You will need to get yourself and your family packed and ready and in the car on time to be there at the alotted time. Babies are unpredictable and getting out the door with a new baby can be very time consuming and tiring in the first couple of weeks especially. Also there may be instances where getting out in the first two weeks just isn't possible at all. 

You also may have to consider having to keep siblings entertained in a studio too, most studios will have toys and some kind of entertainment there or your may need a partner or friend who will mind them and take them out until its time for the family photos.


All my sessions take place at home. They are designed to take the stress off new parents by making everything as easy as possible. You can just sit back and have a cup of tea and soak in the experience, and if you have other little ones they can play until its family picture time. You get professional images without having to worry about a thing. 




Different photographers have different offerings available. Some photographers charge a session fee which doesn't include any digital images, but covers there time spent shooting and any expenses such as props or travel. Afterwards you get a gallery and choose and pay for images, printed or digital in addition to your session fee paid. 

Other photographers don't sell digitals at all and will only sell printed work in addition to a session fee. 

This may involve a trip back to the studio to choose images or more likely in these times an online meeting with a photographer where you get to pick your images. 

And some photographers sell their work in packages. Typically a package will consist of the session and digitals or the session and prints. 


I have found what works best for my clients and I and with this in mind I do not charge a session fee.  My fees are included in whichever package you decide to choose. 

I have 3 packages available to suit your needs and your session will include all selected edited digitals from the session. I also have beautiful printed artwork available in addition to any of these packages, this is completely optional. 

There is no need for additional meeting or having to choose between images. Simply choose whichever package suits you best, and when I have your images I will share them with you via digital download. You can print and share them yourself or I can assist with getting high quality prints for you.


These are all relevant questions you should ask when looking at booking a newborn photographer. I hope this helps. 

Sophia xx



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